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He was one of the many Spanish immigrants who arrived to the coast of Argentina at the beginning of last century, with the hopes of realizing his dreams.

He arrived in Buenos Aires in 1920, and within a short time of his arrival, had the luck to meet one of his childhood friends from the province of Lugo in the north of Spain, with whom he shared a long road with more successes than failures.

Although the beginning was hard for both, they were able to start a new way of life with will and dedication. After trying their luck in different places, they began as employees in a lampshade factory , where they worked and learned the trade.

In 1930, Manuel started to become independent. With his friend's help and with a group of immigrants, he was able to rent some small premises in which our first workshop was started.

The quality of the designs, their originality and the fine textures used, were the reason for which his lampshades rapidly gained renown for their elegance and exclusiveness. This recognition enabled him to obtain as a client, one of the most important companies in the city – the English store “Harrods of Buenos Aires.”

At the beginning of 1940, he transferred the shop to a more spacious one on the fourth floor of an old building located in the downtown side street “Tres Sargentos”.

Although he died at an early age, our family inherited the business and together with his childhood friend, we opened our first retail store on the corner of Paraguay and Reconquista Streets, in downtown Buenos Aires, in 1968.

In 1978 we moved to a large old house located in the picturesque English style neighborhood of Belgrano, to entice its neighbors with our antique designs, in contrast to the new tendencies and textures.

From 1992 and up to the present day, we are still in Residential Belgrano and we continue using the same methods of handcrafting that Manuel taught us, both in the classic Victorian lines and in the newer and more audacious designs.



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Chatee con nostros en nuestro mini chatSientase libre en consultarnos